Slide produces polyethylene furniture with a modern and very trendy design, eco-designed, resistant and recyclable furniture. Unique Selection. Designer products.

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1/2 Globo Wall light – Wall light lamp half-sphere

90,00110,00 TTC

Amélie chair

205,00 TTC

Amélie Duetto armchair – 2 places

440,00 TTC

Amélie Panchetta bench

310,00 TTC

Amélie Sgabello stool

119,00 TTC

Amélie Sit Up stool bar

220,00 TTC

Amélie Up stand-up eater

350,00 TTC

Blos Low Table

130,00 TTC

Blos Pot

130,00 TTC

Blos rocking chair

430,00 TTC

Blossy sofa

840,00 TTC

Chubby armchair

660,00 TTC

Chubby low

220,00 TTC

Chubby side table

485,00 TTC

Coffee table light Peak 50

380,00 TTC

Cordiale bar counter – straight module

1 499,00 TTC

Cordiale Corner bar counter – corner module

1 229,00 TTC

Crown of Love suspension

2 700,00 TTC

Cubo 40 light pouf stool – bulb no included

120,00 TTC

Cubo 40 light pouf stool – LED RGB 3W Wireless rechargeable battery – Indoor/Outdoor

160,00 TTC

Cubo 40 pouf stool

140,00 TTC

Dame of Love suspension

700,00 TTC

Dining table Sir of Love frosted glass

3 130,00 TTC

Dining table Sir of Love HPL

2 590,00 TTC

Drink stool bar

220,00 TTC

Duke of Love low table

310,00 TTC

Globo Wall Light design ceiling lamp

80,00110,00 TTC

Jet high table

420,00 TTC

Jet high table luminous

420,00 TTC

Jet Next stand-up eater

950,00 TTC

Kami Ichi chair

430,00625,00 TTC

Kami Ni coffee table

390,00 TTC

Kami Ni light LED coffee table

660,00 TTC

Kami San armchair

540,00730,00 TTC

Kami Yon sofa

885,001 230,00 TTC

King of Love floor lamp

2 590,00 TTC

Koncord Next stool bar

625,00 TTC

Koncord stool bar

255,00 TTC

Kubo inox coffe table

230,00 TTC

Lady of Love table lamp

236,00 TTC

Little Prince of love pouf

356,00 TTC

Little Queen of love armchair

369,00 TTC

Lord of Love round table

480,00 TTC

Low Lita Anniversary 10th armchair

590,00 TTC

Low Lita Anniversary 10th coffee table

460,00 TTC

Low Lita coffee table

290,00 TTC

Low Lita Lounge deck chair

755,00 TTC

Low Lita Love Anniversary 10th armchair

800,00 TTC

Low Lita Slide armchair

397,00 TTC

Low Lita Slide armchair – 2 places

570,00 TTC

Luminous stool pouf with cushion

160,00230,00 TTC

Madame of Love floor lamp

810,00 TTC

Master of love stand up eater

540,00 TTC

Mister of love bar stool

260,00 TTC

Peak 120 light stand-up eater

540,00 TTC